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 James E. Voyles: Mr. Voyles has enjoyed extraordinary success representing plaintiffs and defendants in litigation. He received his undergraduate degree from Brescia University, a Master of Arts degree from the University of Mississippi and a Ph.D. degree from North Texas State University. He received his Juris Doctor degree, cum laude, from Georgia State University. He was awarded the James Wilford Garner fellowship for advanced study, including post-doctoral study at Emory University and Oxford. He is a former professor at several colleges and universities including the University of North Texas, the University of South Alabama, Spring Hill College and College of Law, Georgia State University. He is a member of the Oxford Inns of Court. He is the author of many professional publications in the areas of law and government. He has served as an expert on statistics in numerous federal court cases and served as Master for the Court for United States District Courts. Mr. Voyles practices in the areas of labor law, hour and wage law, employment discrimination and ERISA litigation. He specializes in employment class action litigation and he served as Plaintiffs’ Counsel in the class action against The Cola-Cola Company as well as lead counsel in other class action cases.

 Plaintiffs’ Representation

In the last three years James E. Voyles as been plaintiffs attorney in employment cases which have resulted in more than 250 million dollars in awards or settlements.

 Mr. Voyles has enjoyed success in representing many individual plaintiffs which resulted in more than a million dollars in settlement for the individual plaintiff.

 Mr. Voyles has also successfully represented plaintiffs in class actions involving the Telecommunications Act.

 Defendants’ Representation

 Mr. Voyles has successfully represented employers in individual and class action litigation involving allegations of race and gender discrimination, FLSA cases, and religious discrimination cases.

 Mr. Voyles provides review of employer procedure and policies to aid in preventing employment law suits and in winning the suit should it be filed. He looks at the employer’s practice and policies from the standpoint of a successful plaintiffs’ attorney to uncover potential problems.

Practice Areas

 Whatley, Stephenson & Voyles provides professional services in transactional representation, banking, employment law, health law and personal injury cases.


 Mr. Voyles has both prosecuted and defended class action lawsuits brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act. F.L.S.A. litigation is complex and protracted. To be successful it is necessary to retain an attorney with experience and knowledge of the F.L.S.A.

 Equal Pay Act

 The Equal Pay Act comes under the F.L.S.A. The equal pay act makes it unlawful to one class of workers more than another based on gender.

Mr. Voyles has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in EPA lawsuits.

“The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple”

 Arriving at the truth in a legal matter is a difficult and time consuming undertaking. The strict procedures of the court system require that evidence be presented in a certain and precise manner to be considered. In order to prevail in a case, it is necessary that parties to a legal controversy be represented by attorneys with experience and talent.   Whatley, Stephenson & Voyles has a staff of lawyers experienced and successful in litigation.

 Much of legal work is a paper chase in which writing pleadings often determines the outcome of the case. James E. Voyles is a former university and law professor who, as part of his course load, taught legal writing. Mr. Voyles has written published articles and has won awards for his brief writing.

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